A Suitcase in a Wristwatch

Do you remember ‘desktop’ computers from 30 and more years ago? Before being eclipsed by laptops and tablets, they were as large as a boxy briefcase (which probably lots of people don’t remember either).  So we usually put them under … Continue reading

Detroit – From leading “The Great Arsenal of Democracy” ……

……. To Bankruptcy.

During World War II, ‘The Motor City’ fulfilled hopes for a better life among the African American subsistence farm families migrating north. With GM as the #1 war contractor,  Ford as #3 and dozens of other enterprises booming in the mobilization of production, assembly lines multiplied and ran 24/7. Hard work built totals of 9,000 B-24 bombers at Ford Motor Company, 20,000 Sherman tanks at Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant (built by Chrysler), and myriad Deuce and a Half Trucks, Jeeps and etc. And the working families bought houses and supported schools and became middle class tax payers.

Here in Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal, Laura Gottesdiener’s latest post on TomDispatch, she traces an arc of “slow moving storms” from that ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ through the ‘separate but unequal’ finding of the Kerner Commission report of 1968 to the recent bankruptcy, even as enclaves of .01%ers flourish in the midst of the wasteland – and hire their own private security services.

By way of introducing her story in one of my favorite blogs, TomDispatch editor Nick Turse weaves in some dystopian premonitions then seen as barely conceivable satire in the ‘set in Detroit’ cult classic movie RoboCop of 1987.

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