A Suitcase in a Wristwatch

Do you remember ‘desktop’ computers from 30 and more years ago? Before being eclipsed by laptops and tablets, they were as large as a boxy briefcase (which probably lots of people don’t remember either).  So we usually put them under our desks. And when Microsoft released Windows 95, they included their brand new Version 1.0 of ‘Internet Explorer.’ The airwaves were bombarded by Microsoft asking everyone, ‘Where do you want to go today?’

Those powerful computers and that easy to use operating system with the new IE browser software came together and made web surfing ordinary.

But of course the relentless march of technology didn’t stop there, and this month some software guru decided it would be a simple weekend project to take the standard non Windows operating system out of his new Android Wear watch and replace it with that ancient clunky OS – Windows 95. Then he made a movie to show it in use and put it on YouTube to prove what had been accomplished.

He found that Windows 95 itself ‘ported over’ to his watch and ran more or less OK. You can watch those old fashioned menus pop up and etc., except the fellow wasn’t able to make Explorer work at all. But the project did make it pretty obvious that in 20 years the semi-conductors, circuit boards, power supplies, keyboard and other ‘resources’ that used to require a big boxy computer and a good sized monitor have all been miniaturized enough to fit on our wrists.

Amazing. Click here to see the movie…..

And for a more technical view of the accomplishment, check it all out on Gearburn.


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